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I Am Luke And I Ship

Start. Ship. Hustle. Release. Push. One does not have to invest much time in our startup and socialized culture to hear these words. It isn’t uncommon to see them in action in any number of lives in the news and social media. But making them a reality in our own lives can be difficult. Do we even know what that looks like for each us individually?Continue reading

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Resources I Use

I thought that it would be useful to have a page that you could always use as a resource for the products and services that I use. This page will serve as a living document that I will add to and remove from as my needs and the products themselves change. I hope that you can glean some helpful tools from these resources.Continue reading

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Chime Squirrel Video: An Introduction

Back in 2012, I was seeing a chiropractor for some back problems and was put on a stretching routine. There were plenty of exercise apps, but they were all overly complicated for my needs. I had the itch to create an app that would give me recurring alarms, be simple, and get out of my way. Out of that, Chime Squirrel was born.Continue reading

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4 Reasons Freshdesk Is Your Support Haven

When starting out with a new app as a solo developer, one of the most popular ways of offering support is through an email address. It doesn’t take long to realize that email is difficult to manage. Communication with a customer can stretch out to weeks and months, and it can become lost in a sea of many such emails. FreshDesk is the perfect support tool for the bootstrapper to solve this problem.Continue reading

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5 Things I Learned In March

It is my personal belief that we should never stop learning. As a result I consume a fairly large amount of information. Being a software engineer, there is never a shortage of things to learn. But if you don’t stop to look at what you have learned the knowledge can slip by unappreciated and possibly forgotten. We tend to go for long periods without reflecting on the new knowledge.Continue reading

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A Guide To Chime Squirrel

Chime Squirrel is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad. It’s purpose to present a quick and intuitive interface for creating recurring “alarms”. These alarms are called chimes inside of the app. They do not require user interaction to turn the sounds off but instead make a single “chime” sound. The goal in doing so is to present reminders without being distracting. This helps you to be more productive and more aware at the same time.

This is a guide to the settings and options available within Chime SquirrelMore

How Apple Could Improve iOS 8 And The iPhone 6

I love my Apple products. I get excited for their new stuff to come out. I watch the keynotes live when they’re available and live news streams when they’re not. But as much as I love Apple’s products, they are not perfect. With iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 coming this year, there are many areas that I would like to see Apple improve upon. They can make improvements from a user’s perspective as well as from a developer’s perspective.Continue reading

1 Web Host Meets 5 Most Important Criteria

Making an app go live is exciting! Starting a new blog is exciting! And when we are ready to start such a venture, the first question always becomes, where do I host it? And that search leads to a host of questions like: who’s reliable, what’s cheap, what’s good, what’s easy, what’s quick? Fortunately many of us have already gone before you, and this is my recommendation.Continue reading