Why can’t I find the time for my work?

Let’s say it’s Thursday already. On Monday you started off the week with a list of things that you wanted to accomplish. Well, where are you at on that list? If you are like me, you are probably half way through the list. And now you are asking, why can’t I find the time to work on these projects that I want to do?Continue reading

The 7 Best Developer Tools

We tend to be very fascinated with the lives of others. We can learn a lot about how people get things done by looking at the tools they use. Doing so allows us to emulate their successful, freeing up our brains to focus on our unique endeavors.Continue reading

5 Best Blogs For Entrepreneurial Growth

If you are like me, you are trying to start a business, but you are really only in expert in one field. For me that that is programming. Starting a business is so much more than that! Building a great product is not enough. You have to know how to market. You have to know pricing and income. Shoot, you probably need to know how to gauge the value of your ideas to begin with!

I used to wish that I had double majored in business. Fortunately for us, there are thousands of people who share their expertise with us. Our education is just beginning. Here are my five most valuable resources.Continue reading

Recruit The Awesome, Befriend The Average

“It’s arrogant to assume that you’ve made something so extraordinary that everyone everywhere should embrace it. Our best work can’t possibly appeal to the average masses, only our average work can.” — Seth Godin

As developers we like to think that we can appeal to everybody. But focusing on being awesome means missing a lot of customers. And that is okay.

But we have a problem when you believe your product works for everyone and then trap people into staying. Users do not like being stuck with something that does work for them. You have to leave a way out for them, or they will feel betrayed and defensive, and then they will likely go on the offense to discourage others from using your product.Continue reading

Life vs. Desk

They say that we are safer now. The dangers that our forefathers faced is behind us. We have OSHA. We have unions. We stay in doors–all day.

But really we go to work everyday oblivious to the dangers that are hidden in our offices. The rare instances of workplace violence are not our only threat. The real threat, the one we face 8 hours every weekday, is the desk.Continue reading

4 Ways To Make The Apps You Use Better

We all love apps, right? There’s tons of them out there. You could find one to do almost anything it seems like. But how long do we spend trying to find the perfect one? How many do we end up deleting because it is missing that one crucial feature? It is easy to come to the conclusion that there just isn’t an app for that thing we want to do. Why didn’t the developer add in the one essential feature?
Continue reading

This Year, Set Goals Instead

It’s that time of year again. Everybody is looking to make their New Year’s resolutions, thinking about what they want to change about them selves or do better. However, I do not think that is the best way to go about adjusting your life: looking at the past instead of into the future.Continue reading

Press Release: Chime Squirrel 3.0 Released

Chime Squirrel 3.0 available on the Apple App Store

An app geared towards productivity by providing non-obtrusive, recurring alarms

CALIFORNIA — October 13th, 2013 — Available today, Chime Squirrel is a utility app that provides recurring alarms to users to alert them to change tasks.  It allows them to better focus more on the task at hand and push future tasks to the back of their mind.Continue reading