Luke Ryan Jernejcic

Xcode Archives Aren't Showing Up In The Organizer

April 02, 2012

Xcode is currently becoming the biggest pain to work with since I developed a Blackberry app. When I was trying to build an ad hoc distribution (which I still have not been able to get working yet), Xcode suddenly stopped showing my archives in the Organizer. Having spent all day trying to get the ad hoc install working, I was am currently very frustrated with Xcode/Apple/iOS. When my archives stopped showing up I really felt like I was not making any progress and that I was actually moving backwards! I basically spent the past day trying to get back to where was yesterday.

I found a good list of solutions on Stackoverflow. The most voted solutions did nothing for me. But towards the bottom, I found one that fixed my issue. Set this path to the value:


The actual value that I use is $(LOCAL_APPS_DIR), which is the default value that I found in some of my other projects.

I never changed this value myself. There was no mention of it in any of the ad hoc install tutorials that I was following. Somehow Xcode change it. Very frustrating. This is not a guaranteed solution to the problem for everyone, as obvious from the list of solutions and comments on the problem. So be sure to check out that Stackoverflow excahnge if this doesn’t fix it for you.

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