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Goals for 2015

Flexibility is a crucial skill to have when making long term plans. Things never work out exactly as you would like. Last year, instead of making resolutions I made goals for myself. It was a way to be proactive with where my life was going and becoming more of the kind of person that I want to be.

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Using Desk App

I’m Back!

Hello World! Again…

Well it has been several months since my last post. I left with the intention to put more of my focus into my new project. I wish I could say that I was super successful in that endeavor, but sadly I was not. Continue reading

MacBook on Desk

Putting Things Aside To Focus

Balance. As a solopreneur, finding balance between work, side projects, family, chores, reading, etc… Finding balance can feel like a job by itself. I don’t know that it stops feeling that way. Life is a balancing act. However, I have also found that sometimes, to move forward, I need to stop balancing and let everything tip to one side.Continue reading


Agile Web Development with Rails 4 Book Review

Written by Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, and David Heinemeier Hansson, Agile Web Development with Rails 4 is one of the original books on developing with Ruby on Rails.

I picked up the 1st edition back in 2006. It was to light my path towards a professional Rails career. Instead I was quickly acquired by a .NET shop and my Rails dreams were put aside. After newer additions, I picked the book up several times only to get distracted with something else again. With the release of Rails 4, and with some encouragement from a friend, I picked the book back up, eager to use Rails for my next project. This week I finished the book.

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iOS 8 Promo Updates

iOS 8 Takeaways From Apples WWDC Keynote

Like Christmas, it comes once a year. It is a joyful day for every iOS and OS X developer. I am talking about Apple’s keynote at it’s annual WWDC event. Joyful that it was live streamed this year, I walked away with more excitement than I thought I would have.

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Smart Phone And Watch

7 Apps For Better Health

Healthcare is a field who’s use of technology lags far behind that of most other industries. Yet it is one that has some of the greatest potential. From something as “common sense” as a custom 3D printed cast to a custom 3D printed airway, the potential of tech to save cost, lives, and enhance the quality of live of patients is extraordinary. Yet when I went into my doctor’s office this month, the computers were still using Windows XP, an operating system that Microsoft has stopped releasing security updates for.Continue reading

Harevst Vs FreshBooks

Harvest vs. FreshBooks

There are three things that a solopreneur needs to do: tracking time spent on projects, invoicing clients, and tracking expenses. There are plenty of ways to accomplish these. But if you want to accomplish them as quickly and easily as possible, I put forth these two excellent cloud accounting solutions: Harvest and FreshBooks.Continue reading

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